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omg kate earl

Kate Earl is one of my favorite artists lately// she's got such a nice mellow sound. i can't get enough of this girl!!!!!

she posted an acoustic vid of one of her songs melody. check it out:

Melody (Live)

Click here to watch.

also, i saw that she's having a contest on her twitter to win a free ipod touch! get the details here!!! i really really really wanna win this. my ipod just died and i need a new one SOO bad

Alexis Fox is my new obsession...

Her song "Down the Drain" especially. It's crazy that a song about spending money can be so interesting and just good. All her other stuff is equally good, too. She's very quirky ... I think fans of Lily Allen and/or Amy Winehouse could totally get into her ... and her stuff almost feels like it's from another era - some of it sounds like the Andrews Sisters, it has sort of a late thirties/early forties feel, uses a lot of brass instruments and backing vocals, etc. All the songs on her myspace ("Down the Drain" is up there!) have so much energy.

myspace.com/thealexisfox ... check it out.
hello again. as i understand this is an open community, i have joined it. and i'm not sure what tone of "voice" to use here when i'm writing in a community, but apparently to only one person :) but anyway, hi! i'm clarwyn, and i am obsessed with a great many things. right now the top of my list looks something like this:

-dr who
-dr who some more
-remington steele (old tv show with pierce brosnan)
-finger eleven (the music, not the people)
-pot pies (i dont know why, i just am)
-a guy i like who doesnt like me back (it's a long story).

and in closing i just want to say that dkk;shggu8elahasdghklas2w3roiua!!! i keep re-watching the dr who season finale hoping it will end differently. ARG. do not want.

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